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While you are looking for your Oil Tank Removal NJ company be sure to check out any reviews that are posted and any complaints that may have been lodged against the company. Just because a few customers didn't like the service doesn't mean you should cross them off the list it just means that they can't please all people.

Finding an Oil Tank Removal NJ company can be daunting but it really isn't. Do a quick internet search to find a list of companies in your area. Once there you can narrow down the field by seeing what all services they offer. Do they evacuate and evaluate the containers? Can they help you get a new one installed if you need one? And of course, what are the cost differences between businesses? You don't want to get ripped off for a job that has to be taken care of.

Oil Tank Removal NJ companies can help you from violating any environmental laws. The last thing you want to do is have to pay a large fine. It will end up costing you more money in the end because you have violated some sort of laws. These people are able to save you a lot in the end. Yeah, it might seem like a lot of money to pay but it really is nothing compared to what you'll pay to the government for fines and clean-up costs.

When it comes to buying a house or business you might be surprised to find that you have a problem on the premises. Nothing is worse than having a rusty old component on your property. There comes a point and time when you have to get rid of that old thing and there is no way you can do it yourself. It could be on the ground or it could be in the ground. When you need to take care of the problem you need to call in the professionals, you need an oil tank removal company.


We specialize in performing Oil Tank Sweep NJ on both residential and commercial properties. With an extensive understanding of real estate transactions and other matters that require our services, Hawkeye recognize the urgent needs of our clients and strives to meet them efficiently with both flexible scheduling and final reports typically within 24 hours. We pride ourselves on a proven commitment to accuracy and customer service.

Oil Tanks and their potential liabilities are a major concern in residential real estate transactions. Leaking oil tank issue can impose a serious financial burden on homeowners. Therefore, it is highly recommended that every property purchaser performs an Oil Tank Sweep NJ to protect themselves from this open ended liability.  

We offer exploratory excavation, radon testing, ground penetrating radar, Oil Tank Sweep NJ and other miscellaneous services to help meet the needs of our clients. This test for an active tank is usually more effective and less expensive than soil sampling. The testing technology is the most recent state of the art and no dangerous pressure testing procedures are utilized. Soil sampling is recommended especially for any inactive/abandoned tank or a foreclosure situation. We should have your results within 1 hour and should be able to deliver your report and certification shortly thereafter. For additional information regarding this safe and modern oil tank testing.

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Oil Tank Sweep NJ

It is important take care of Oil Tank Removal NJ properly

If your oil tank can no longer pass inspection, is too old to allow your home to be insured, or is just a safety hazard in general, do not delay in getting it removed. An exterior Oil Tank Removal NJ is easier than you think when you have a professional team by your side. Ask friends and family members for referrals if they have gotten a tank removed, or look for competent professionals in your area by reading reviews, searching in the phone book, or browsing through their website.

You might be a little bit nervous about the process to get this tank removed. A professional company will pump out any materials left in the tank. They will then dismantle and remove the pieces of the heating oil tank. Just imagine what it will be like not to have to see the oil tank anymore! You can upgrade your heating element and feel good about the safety levels. You also will not have to see the unsightly fixture in your backyard anymore.

An exterior tank can definitely serve its purpose -- but not if it is an older model or one that is unsafe. Take action today to remove this object, and you can start to feel safe again. A professional company is your best bet when it comes to the removal because it can be difficult and even dangerous to try and remove it yourself.

The Oil Tank Removal NJ should be a easy task if a qualified company is used. The only way to access the fuel is to enter through the indicator gage located on the top of the tank. No pipes leading to the tank should be cut. The least amount of disruption to the tank is always recommended, especially to tanks over ten years. Once the entire product is removed, pipes and all accessories to the tank should also be removed. The fill pipe from the wall should be removed and capped to prevent accidental spillage.

Underground oil tanks may be present beneath a home with little or no indicators that it exists. Some home sellers try to hide the presence of underground oil tanks while others may not know it is on the property. We perform oil tank search, Oil Tank Sweep NJ and inspections and surrounding areas to locate these tanks on any property.


Underground oil tanks were once used in older homes to store heating oil. When the conversion to gas was made, these tanks were often abandoned or forgotten. Removing underground oil tanks can be a costly undertaking; yet leaving them on the property can be hazardous, as oil tanks lose their integrity over time and may leak. They may also cause problems for other installations you wish to make. Our inspectors utilize deep-seeking metal detectors and visual cues around the home to detect oil tanks around the property.

We utilizing electronic metal and cave detection equipment, the technician will walk the grounds (30ft around the home) searching for any buried metallic objects. The detection equipment utilized is capable of locating a metallic object up to a depth of eight feet. This type of detection and visual inspections inside the home helps determine the existence of oil or storage tanks that may otherwise go undetected.

Underground storage tanks can be a hazard. It is important to be sure that your house does not have an underground oil tank buried on the property. We do not complete the underground oil tank inspections. We can arrange for Oil Tank Sweep NJ Company to come at the time of inspection. You can request this service when you book your home inspection.

During the regular home inspection we cannot determine, with certainty, that there is no underground oil tank. We check for obvious signs of buried oil tanks, such as pipes coming through the basement wall/floor or fill pipes in the yard. The only way to be sure there is no buried tank is to have an electronic scan done on the property. We strongly recommend a scan.

If the owner claims to have removed a tank than you must obtain all paperwork including removal certifications and inspections to protect yourself against future problems. We do not evaluate any oil tanks, above or underground. If you know that an underground tank is present, be sure that the seller has tank insurance and have it transferred to you at or before closing. If no insurance policy exists, you should have it tested, certified and insured by a qualified company prior to closing. Also, ask at what age they will stop insuring the tank.

If you are considering purchasing an older home, get an oil tank search and Oil Tank Sweep NJ before you buy. Call today to schedule an appointment with us.

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